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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Considering Lawsuit Against State of Fla Over Radar-detector Ticketing Campaign...

Considering the possibility of a class action lawsuit against the State of Florida/DMV/FHP for ticketing motorists for the usage of radar detectors in vehicles on Florida roads:

  1. where the Florida Senate actually killed a bill by Senator Oelrich in 2007 to ban RDs in Florida, setting a "precedence" that their use is okay and accepted in the State of Florida;
  2. for setting confusing, nonspecific, unclear, and contradictory laws (e.g., the "Windshield Obstruction Law"), which contains unfair, inexplicable loopholes for revenue-generating devices, which when combined with the Senate's precedence to allow the use of RDs, places motorists into a no-win, double jeopardy situation of unfair and unconstitutional bias against them if they attempt to fight it.
  3. using the windshield obstruction law to call RD use on windshield "unsafe";
  4. while at the same time offering no adequate or reasonable explanation as to how the toll device is somehow "safe";
  5. charging motorists to USE a toll device that the windshield law would otherwise deem to be be "unsafe" by it's positioning - except by inexplicable "exemption";
  6. accosting motorists $114 for having an RD mounted on a windshield, but not fining people for the use of the toll device mounted on the windshield - often in the same position;

Looking for lawyers to work either pro bono or on a pay-only-if-you-win basis to extract reasonable explanations out of the Florida DMV / Highway Patrol system, and the State of Florida itself, or face a lawsuit.

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