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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meltdown At Moe's...

Last night, I went to the Moe's by the Royal Park 16 theater on Newberry Road. I ordered a Joey Jr. (medium burrito), 3 hard-shell Funkmeisters (tacos), and a Taco Salad for Kathy. ( I was hungry. :) ) On Kathy's taco salad, she just wanted ground beef, lettuce, onions, cheese, salsa, and guacamole. On my stuff, they were all the same way...ground beef, lettuce, cheese, onions, sour cream.

FIVE TIMES I had to repeat my order back to the assembler. FIVE TIMES. Why? ...Because every time he asked me what I wanted and how it was to be composed, he stopped me mid-sentence to take care of some chic who had just walked in the door who was upset about the price increase in the "Moo Moo". I'd start to tell him what I wanted, and then some chic at the back of the line would interrupt him. "Oh my GOD! Did the price of the Moo Moo go up?!" He'd cut me off and make me wait while he stopped everything to take care of this poor little college student, who was so distraught over it that she had to know what the deal was NOW.

Have to commend him. It was very important to him to make sure that all the pretty little college girls were satisfied. He'd go through his long schpeil with the girl, and then come back to me and ask what I wanted again.

As I spoke, yet AGAIN, another girl would walk in and freak out over the 10-cent increase in the price of the Moo Moo kids meal. (This must be a pretty popular item with the girls, or something.) Yet again he cut me off to handle this poor little girl who just had to be gently consoled. Yet again, he'd come back to me and again he asked me what I wanted. Then the girl would interrupt him with another question (I forget what about now), again cutting me off. He'd stop me again and talk to her. He came back again and AGAIN asked me what I wanted. (We're up to three times being asked, here.) I paused and stared at him angrilly, but he didn't notice. (sigh) Yet again, I began to explain how I wanted things put together. YET AGAIN...YET ANOTHER girl came in and wanted to know what's up with the price of the god-damned Moo Moo! (Are you KIDDING ME???!!!) :) I'll be damned if yet AGAIN he cut me off and stopped what he was doing and explained to HER now how the price had gone up and how there's no longer the 50-cent bonus thing, but now you get a free drink and something, "...So it's like...included" he says, arms outstretched to put some body expression into his sell.

Noticing the problem, another employee jumps in now, and he wants to help with my order. He asks me what I want. I explain it to HIM. Now the dizzy guy comes back. He wants to know...AGAIN...what I want. But the other guy has begun assmebling my order. He's already started to put together the burrito. The dizzy guy ALSO begins putting together a SECOND burrito, not understanding that the other guy had decided to step in and help because his coworker wasn't paying attention. The helper guy leaves, thinking the frazzled guy has it. AGAIN, the dizzy guy asked me what I wanted on everything. I pointed out, "But uhm...I only wanted ONE burrito."

Now the dizzy guy is starting to get upset with me. As he sees it, I'm just being ditzy and I'm just not able to get my order straight, and he's had to repeatedly ask me what I wanted. (Pause for the gears to click and for the audience to put it together.) Now he's starting to give me looks - like he thinks I'm stupid and incompetent. He's irritated now. He's thinking I can't get my order straight, and that I'm causing him his problems. He's now got two burritos, three tacos, and a taco salad laid out on the assembly board. In an irritated voice, he asks, "So, you DON'T want two burritos?" He looked confused for a second like he didn't know what to do with the extra burrito, and like he was really pissed now. He folded up the extra burrito, and threw it back behind him at the garbage can without looking, and it splattered against the wall and fell to the floor, instead.

Now his attitude is angrier. He looked straight into my eyes, and started treating me like I was stupid.
"Okay, I've got ONE Joey Jr., THREE Funkmeisters, and ONE Taco Salad laid out here. Is this correct, sir?"
"Are you SURE, now?"
I'm being VERY patient at this point, because I REALLY want to knock this guy down on his ass for being so smart and rude for something that is really HIS fault.

He finally began assembling everything together, and I could see that he was being deliberately sloppy about it because by now he's turned this whole thing around in his mind that *I'M* the problem and he just can't wait to get me out of the way. I'm so glad to be away from this guy and finally on my way to the register.

FIVE TIMES this guy stopped to come to the rescue of some STUPID little girl who HAD to know what was up with the price of the STUPID "Moo Moo". (...What a STUPID name! *Sigh!*) And in the end, he treated ME -- in front of EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE LINE, and in front of everybody else sitting in that restaurant, and in front of all of his peer employees, like *I* was a dumbass -- loudly, and rudely.

I am NEVER, EVER returning to that Moe's ever again. I should have gone to the one west of I-75. It's slower, not so many ditzy students, and the crew seems to have such a better attitude.

I didn't deserve that. I just wanted some food. There was no reason for me to have to experience that. I like Moe's, but that experience was uncalled for...especially throwing the food against the wall, and making ME seem like *I* was the problem in front of all the other people who WERE the actual problem in that line.

I came so close to slapping a $20 bill down at the register and saying "Keep the food; here's a twenty for the inconvenience I caused you all", and walking out. ...But I didn't. I should have.

UPDATE - Aug. 25, 2011:

Actually got an email from Ernest Milian, who is the Director of Operations at Moe's (and a number of other restaurants) around town...

Mr. Sherman, I read your blog. It was very detailed and informative. I have taken the opportunity to go back and review the video tapes from the shift that day and use it as a training tool for the employees. We value your business and share your belief and it is our goal to serve our guests smartly and politely as the progress through the line. I apologize for the experience you had and appreciate you reaching out to us to inform us.

Ernest Milian
Director of Operations
Alachua Restaurant Group

Oh, good gosh! Now I'm immortalized in training videos! Now they'll ALL know who I am when I walk into the door! (grin) ;O)

Kidding aside, I do appreciate Mr. Milian's concern, and his effort to get back with me on it.

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