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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Bihn and Paul gave me a call, yesterday to let me know...

Golden Lights Restaurant is back - under a new name! It's now called the SILVER DRAGON, located in Magnolia Parke (4780 NW 39th Ave, Ste 1, in the building that used to belong to Millhopper Cafe).

These are the people who ran the Cantonese restaurant on NW 16th Blvd in the Thornebrook Plaza (which has now become The Flying Biscuit organic restaurant).

Hours of operation:

Weekdays: 11:00a - 9:30p
FR-SA: 9:30a - 11:30p
Sunday: 12:00p - 9:30p


So give em a call! Tel: (352) 377-9868.

I really miseed them. I missed thier cooking. This family took such great care and pride in their cooking. Everything was always piping hot, cooked in a wok like it's supposed to -- not in a deep at fryer like some of these "fast food" chinese places which have now overrun the city. The food could be depended upon to be cooked the same way every time, because it was a FAMILY-run business which CARED about what it made and served. ...And it shows. They aren't like these little fast food chinese places where the won ton soup might taste "okay" one day, and like plain WATER the next, or where the chow mein "sauce" might taste okay one day and be watery and have no taste the next because someone taught the cook that cheating to save a penny and increase the "productivity" was an okay thing to do. They don't take shortcuts to make a buck. They don't water things down. They don't skimp. They're GOOD, they serve decent portions, and they're AFFORDABLE. All of this puts them a step above.

(sigh) Thank GOD! I'm so glad they're back. I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms! :o)