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Friday, June 1, 2012

Changing The Family Business Flag

Spent the past few days overhauling the web page I made for my girlfriend's business - Mini-Storage of Gainesville. Apparently Penske decided that they wanted to move operations into Home Depot across the street where they would be much more visible, and they gave her less than a month to prepare. That decision could have put her AND her neighboring businesses out of business all at once. The neighboring businesses never knew how close they came. :(

Luckilly, they signed a waver of the contract which would have prevented her from starting up a competing business for 6 months after separation, and within days of the notice, she was able to get a contract with U-Haul.

But this meant that I had to completely rework the web page I made for her. (sigh)

So I got to work and everything is now changed over. She will no longer be renting out Penske's, but U-Hauls, instead.

She actually started out something like 15 or so years ago with U-Haul. She's even had a past Gainesville Sun article written about her and how she helped the owner of the Memphis Bell with a big discount when he had to make an emergency landing in Gainesville years ago, in need of a new engine. :) Apparently it was a big deal how she helped him out. I should probably post that article on her website in the "About Us" section or something. We couldn't use it before because up until recently she's been dealing with Penske trucks, and the article was written when she was renting out U-Hauls.

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