Alachua County EMWIN Project

Alachua County EMWIN Project
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Created the ACWIN-* Listgroup Series...

I just finished adding the first of many coming listgroups to the ACWIN-* suite of lists.

ACWIN stands for the "Alachua County Weather Information Network". This will be a series of UF Listserv listgroups catering to each county in the Northern Florida area surrounding Alachua County. Each county will have it's own small suite of lists catering specifically to that county. Each county will have the following lists that users can subscribe to:

1) ACWIN-FL-[countyname]

2) ACWIN-FL-[countyname]-CIVIL
3) ACWIN-FL-[countyname]-SEVERE

List 1 will contain general weather-related bulletins (current weather, forecasts, administrative sttatements). List 2 will contain civil emergency-related bulletins List 3 will contain severe weather-related bulletins and reports.

Within each listgroup, users will be able to subscribe to "topics" (bulletins) that they may turn on or off at their own will, whenever they choose. Each county's bulletins cater to ONLY that county. This allows users to pick and choose EXACTLY what they want, without being forced to take more.

As well, every listgroup will be archived.

At this time, the lists for Alachua County have been created and are now operational. I am at this time now working on Bradford and Clay counties, and more will follow after that. We'll even have listgroups for SPC and HPC bulletins.

Of course, these bulletins wouldn't even be possible without the use of Danny Lloyd's WxMesg software, which I use religiously.

For more information, please see .

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