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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Psychopaths and Stalking
The NWS's Reaction

Noticed lots of hits from Jeff Capehart’s account to the AC-SKYWARN page, today. Knowing him, he's probably gloating over the fact that the Watch/Warning Map image file isn’t loading on it for some reason right now. That'd be just like him. It’s not getting FTP’d to AFN from the EMWIN software and the problem seems to coincide with updating to a beta version. Emailed the software author about it. Hopefully it will be resolved, soon.

Jeff's hits of course reminded me again of the stalking fiasco that I've been going through these past five years, and how I haven't finished the online blog about it...

I was thinking in particular lately about Angie Enyedi’s odd, and not-so-odd reactions. ...That is, when she was repeatedly hitting and hitting my original stalking blog (see "Where'd Todd Go?...On Dealing With Psychopaths and Stalking", and "Addemdum: 03/10/2010") at all hours of the day and night some time ago, and why she tried to get her husband, Matt, at a Jacksonville-based mortgage and loan company (see Lender Processing Services) to look up information on me. (I could see it on my hit counters when they used keyword searches like "todd sherman enyedi" on April 19th and May 6th, which called attention to it.) And at the same time, Angie herself was hitting that particular blog at ridiculously frequent times: early morning, early afternoon, afternoon, evening, even late at night, and graveyard shift. And then she'd come back days later and do it all over again. ...To see if anything else was added? (see related IP log) It obviously really, really bothered her...panicked her, in fact. You could see it. Talk about a really guilty conscience. She was obviously quite frightened and completely flipping out. She was scared shitless about the existence of that blog. Perhaps she was worried about what it could possibly one-day mean in terms of lawsuits and possible criminal charges not just against her but a number of other people in NWS-JAX and a ACOEM, and elsewhere.

But I mean...what did she expect? ...That you could pick on someone and that that person would just keep his mouth shut about it? Is that what I was supposed to do? Just what were they thinking was supposed to happen, here?

Basically, a little girl had greatly exaggerated something that had been told to her about some poor, clueless guy by some Gainesville ham radio operators and, thinking that it would remain "in-house" she embellished and embellished it until other people ended up taking it over from underneath her and they gave it it's OWN life. Those people jumped to some really rash conclusions and, without first doing anything to confirm a thing, took some rash ACTIONS against another innocent person. It's like the little girl in the fairy tale, who spread lies about someone and then watched while it all went wildly out of control - until it caused some sort of dreadful harm the victim that she did not intend. Then she was forced to make up MORE lies to cover her ass. And it kept getting worse, and worse, and worse, and she ended up in this scary little mobius loop of repeated deception and exaggeration. That is Angie's current nightmare. In this case, people in Emergency Management, and in the Weather Service became involved; and then in later cascading succession, the local police departments, the State Attorney's Office, and other places ALSO got involved in playing around with the rules. And eventually, each took some sort of self-lethal actions with the intent of "protecting" someone they thought was the victim, but which only caused harm to the actual victim. And in so doing, they all put themselves in line for eventual criminal charges and even lawsuits for all of the coordinated malignment. This is why the FBI did indeed investigate this blog - on complaint from the NWS, in fact, in May, 2011 (see IP logs). And then, mysteriously, they abandoned that investigation outright, altogether. I think the intent was to use the FBI to scare me into removing the blog. But on close investigation of the blog by the FBI, I think it was decided that it was in the best interests of the complainants that they just drop it and hope it all never sees the light of day. Everybody wants to shut me up. BUT NOBODY WANTS THIS OUT IN THE PUBLIC LIGHT. And to shut me up, they'd have to put me into a courtroom. That means an investigation. They don't want that.

Let me put it another way. I'm making a whole lot of accusations in here of some very highly public officials. No one herein named has challenged me, even after reading it. For that matter, let's say it again... The *FBI* has investigated this BLOG. WHERE is the investigation? Paul Eakin (see related Chapter) has attempted some behind-the-scenes manipulation to force that to occur, which actually SPARKED that FBI investigation, actually; but it failed. But Paul has yet to challenge me face-to-face, or publicly ackmnowledge or deny. He's like that little girl in the fairy tale. ...Caused a lot of havoc, but unwilling to apologize or to take responsibility for what he did. Paul's been under a lot of investigation himself, lately, for a lot of other conduct-related infractions within a few state-level EM agencies, within the ARRL, and within the FHP. In fact, in late 2011, while under FHP IAD investigation, he was "retired" from the FHP. Still, the rather ignominious man has yet to dare publicly challenging me in a real courtroom over this blog.

I know what was hoped would happen. And maybe they'd be right...if they were correct, and I WAS he actual bad guy. But I wasn't the bad guy, and they were wrong. So, in this situation, again I ask, is the innocent victim supposed to cave to how all-powerful everybody is and just TAKE the guilty verdict, regardless? And then everyone's problems would all be solved? Is that how it was supposed to go? Just what IS the "normal" reaction supposed to be when you're guilty, and when you're innocent? Is it NORMAL these days for the innocent victim to take it up the ass, shut up, and just go away without a fight? ...Is THAT right?

No way, man! I'm not like that! Maybe 15 years ago when I was more patient, and forgiving, and I let a lot of stuff go, out of kindness. But this is VERY different, now. This isn't as (relatively) simple a thing as Jane calling Betty a slut in high school. This was serious, serious stuff, here! Al broke city, state, county, and federal laws to get the "favors" done that he had asked for from people inside of Emergency Management and elsewhere; and he's responsible for so very much of what eventually happened to me. In fact his actions even made things worse for me. My harassers got even worse. Based upon what Al had told Emergency Management, Emergency Management labeled me and told police departments that I was the stalker and that my stalkers were the good guys. Police departments sabotaged cases I'd filed against my stalkers based upon what Dave Donnelly had said to them. My reputation was entirely destroyed by people who didn't know what the hell they were doing or what was really going on! They were totally wrong, and they convinced other government agencies that I was a real problem! ...And then those agencies took real actions against me. I don't take that lightly. Hell yes, I'm going to fight back...and one day I'm eventually going to get answers, dammit!

Angie wasn't the only problem at NWS-JAX. There were others there who got a whole lot more involved in all of this than she did...

* * *

The Dalai Lama once said, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

While Angie may have been the one who erroneously told Al that I was a problem, Al is the one who ultimately directed all of the traffic. He made everything happen. He jumped to some rash conclusions of his own without allowing the proper process of "due process" to play out in my situation. As a result, many of my supposedly guaranteed civil rights were violated...prevented from happening. As a result, even more harm came to me.

This man orchestrated the entire symphony and he really didn't have to go as far as he did. He worked with others - "conspired" - in coordinated fashion with other people in various other government agencies high and low, with malice aforethought, to completely block me OUT of defending myself, in fact. There is no way that someone with conscience, with understanding of right and wrong, and of the laws, would engage in the path like the one that he chose. Therefore, Al was "missing a few" in terms of conscience. Al wasn't interested in fact. He just wanted revenge for harm that he thought was occuring to Angie Enyedi, and he wanted to show the person whom he at the time thought was the bad guy..."who was 'boss'".

Al specifically chose to utilize the path of handling things under the table with the INTENT of preventing me from knowing what was happening, from being able to speak up for myself, to know what was being said about me behind closed doors, and ultimately to prevent me from exercising any of my civil rights to protect myself. This includes: knowing what any accusations were, knowing WHO my accusers were, being able to FACE my accusers, and being able to answer in defense of myself. People don't do things like that "by accident".

I have no idea why Al would go this far. Someone had to be telling him something pretty drastically terrible in order to react in this manner. I only have scattered clues and hints to take me to a general reasoning, but nothing specific because no one has been kind enough to actually let me in on it. Whatever he thought I did, it must have been pretty bad. SO bad, in fact, that completely circumventing due process of the law was determined to be absolutely necessary. This includes skipping use of the police, skipping use of the courts, and obtaining "favors" from leadership in lower and sideways agencies to get what he wanted done, including ACOEM, FDEM, GPD, UPD, the Gainesville State Attorney's Office, and (recently, as of May, 2011) the FBI.

Part of what caused it had to be the hams with their repetative extracurricular phone calls and emails in complaint of me that Angie had repeatedly alluded to on the night that she "confided" in me. I think Al must have taken it ALL in and prejudiced me. He formed a gut feeling "opinion" of me which was forged by all the comments of others. I can think of no other reason why this man hated me so god damned much without even knowing me very well at all. But Al obviously spread some very very bad word about me around to Emergency Management; and then local EM spread it around into the police departments. I think he worked people up, and I think that's how this was allowed to go so far. He villainized me; made me the enemy. He unfairly made me a paria. Otherwise, there is no explanation for how everyone in so MANY police and government circles did what they did, and went so FAR.

It wasn't bad enough that the hams were stalking me, that my mother had cancer. I also had to contend with Al aiding and abetting all the bad guys, too. ...Even if he didn't REALIZE that that's what he was doing. That is nonsequitor. It doesn't matter in the slightest, here.

Let's not mince words here... Al attacked me, without first bothering to find out all of the facts in the situation that he so insisted upon involving himself in.

Not only did Al violate laws, but he's also a Department of Commerce employee of the United States federal government who took all those actions against ANOTHER employee of the Department of Commerce. Unfortunately for Al, I work for the same federal government, in another branch of the DoC. He ABUSED his powers in a serious manner so as to deliberately cause harm to another federal employee, while on the CLOCK for the NWS, while wearing the UNIFORM of the NWS, while utilizing CONTACTS of the NWS! Carrying that just a little further...without the knowledge of the DoC, and without conference with or the permission of the DoC, he made the DoC defacto responsible for his actions. He was irresponsible. This is not something he can just shrug away. And he involved OTHER goverment agencies, and PEOPLE in those agencies, convinced them to do FAVORS for him, and in so doing, he made them responsible as well. (This is the downside of doing "favors"...especially when you do those favors on blind trust.) As a result, his is a path of destruction everywhere he goes. He must have thought himself a genious, or something of a god when he did it. I have to wonder if he now doesn't himself wonder if he's in fact not the biggest idiot on the face of the planet for pulling what he pulled. He's got so much to hide, now. ...So much to cover up. I didn't put him there. He did. He's rash. He acts before he thinks. People who did him favors must now constantly apologize for taking part in his rash actions without first checking facts. People could end up in serious trouble for doing him the favors that he asked for. As a result, so as to protect themselves, everyone is forced to become deeply caught up in lies and deceit and plots and plans that he put together. ...Lies that they had NO IDEA they'd end up having to keep GOING for him for so long. He did very well at destroying not only MY life, but the lives of his co-workers, of his business associations in other agencies, of his friends, of his family, and god knows who else. ...Who else? Who ELSE is going to be held responsible because HE had a bright idea about "handling" somebody? Who ELSE is ALSO going to have to suffer for something that he was SURE would work flawlessly? He is irreponsible. He is a hothead. He thought about only himself. I wonder if he ever in his life thought he'd end up in this situation.

So what does he DO, now? Go to the authorities and admit that he had been duped by emails and phone calls from hams about the guilt or innocence of some guy whom he barely knew, how he had abused his powers of office so as to rain fire down upon that innocent man? I think not. Al didn't just "sin". He commited crimes. He could be charged and sent to jail. He could also be sued. He could also lose his job. He could also lose his pension, his reputation, his ability to obtain another adequaely paying job, his family, his home, everything he owns - because he had to get personally involved in someone else's affairs; had to personally "get" some guy; had to be the "Godfather" in some mafioso little scheme.

Oh, I understand. Al thought he was protecting. But, he ended up the bully, instead. He ended up being the bad guy. He'd delusioned himself into believing that what he was doing was for good, and that it was okay to break the laws - to show the bad guy. Al wanted to be the vigilante hero. He became the criminal, instead. He harmed the wrong guy, and completely destroyed an innocent person's life, and then he couldn't be held to be responsible enough to own up to what he did. That's not a brave man. That's a coward. That's the mark of a real asshole.

(sigh) Al's got a lot to think about. He's got a lot on his plate to answer to, to own up for. If he hadn't been so callously efficient about how he did what he did to me, I wouldn't now say that I'm sure that he has NO regrets about what he did, and that he would probably do it again, in fact. For this reason, I believe Al should be incarcerated. No bail. No deals. For that is how he saw ME; and that is how he believed *I* had to be treated.

And I'm REALLY not in the mood for "Golden Rule" lectures. I don't want to hear it. What Al did was wrong and a humiliating public example needs to be set in this world of mostly psychopaths who only learn by punishment...just like they do with rapists. I sincerely believe in this. Examples are important, or else these things just get repeated because the bad guys only otherwise learn that they can get away with it. After all, it's what Al did to ME inside NWS and Emergency Management circles. He spread it around that I was bad and that I needed to be "dealt" with.

No mercy. Right? Mercy is for the weak-hearted. Right?

Maybe it's best if people just realized that I've learned something very extremely important about dealing with all these people who have been so adamant about causing me so much headache...

I've learned that they (as in, the assholes) don't just simply "go away" when you tell them to. They continue, on and on, in secret, under the table, behind closed doors. They are relentless because they get just too much sick satisfaction out of it. NORMAL means of thinking DO NOT WORK with these people. You can't just tell them to stop. It doesn't work.

So you have to think backwards. You have to think in terms of what is NOT expected, what is NOT normal, what people WOULDN'T expect. If people like this are picking on you (and they're not the murdering type, of course), then you do NOT run away. You stand and fight. You do NOT keep your mouth shut, or listen to their threats. If someone threatens to cause you harm, you NEVER take their bluff. In fact, you don't EVER play the game of poker at all.

...You CALL...EVERYTHING...right there, on the spot, loudly, and with lots of fanfare. If someone threatens you, you start walking towards them and get right up into their face and make them think that you're extremely unpredictable and quite possibly capable of fighting back right there...which is what they in actuality really don't want. And make damned sure that you do it in a highly public, non-private place and way. This scares the shit out of them, takes them aback, puts them off balance, and makes them realize that you're not so "predictable" after all. This is essential.

You do exactly the opposite of normal thinking and be as loud as you possibly CAN, instead. You scare the living crap out of them. You get just as crazy as they have been. You take them off their guard.

If some whacko, angry chic has threatened you with calling the police and telling them that you hit and raped her because she simply didn't like losing some argument or something (hey, there are some SCREWED UP people out there), you step back to 25 feet, pick up your cellphone, and call the police right away and tell them that a woman just threatened to call the cops and tell them that you raped her. You just did what she didn't expect you to. She expected you to cave, to do it her way. She's a bully and she expected to be in control of you. Now she's in a panic. When she's in a panic, the chances are high that she will screw up when the cops arrive and that she'll end up burying herself in even more rapidly-put-together lies which can later be picked apart. She may even give up altogether and decide to back down. Always keep things moving way too fast and out of their control. They don't know what to do or how to handle that. They may make up more stuff - stuff which has no backing and which can be picked apart, while your own story remains solid. If necessary, you GO THROUGH all the tests. You SIT in the waiting room at the police station for a while. You wait for all the tests to be done and to come up showing absolutely nothing. Then you turn around and press charges, and sue her, and you also invite the Press to attend all the hearings, and share everything with them, and you make sure that the entire world knows what she tried to do to you. NOW, if anyone ELSE is out there with half a mind to do the same thing to you, you just made those people think TWICE about it - because you've now shown yourself to be a wildcard who doesn't take crap from people and who is perfectly fine with making an EXTREMELY loud noise aboutit, which they don't like.

If people are harassing you, threatening you, stalking you, and they duped the government into getting involved too, then you make blogs which talk about it every detail, with cites and references, and every bit of evidence that you can muster. Then you make sure that it's referenced in every large search engine out there, using every possible keyword matching combination possible. You call every police agency around and file a complaint every time you're harassed. (In so doing, you now have something on the record to back you up when someone says "Why didn't you try to do anything about it?" As well, when it all finally DOES make it into a courtroom, now the police agencies which were supposed to protect you and do something and DIDN'T are suddenly caught on the line and left having to explain themselves.) If necessary, offer interviews to the Press.


If they're the partucularly tunnel-visioned type who can't put you down, be patient. Wait a little bit for some evidence to gather as they make mistakes. Then you turn it around, and you make THEM the victims, instead. You take control back in your life. You take everything that they've done to you, and you use that against them. Everything that they do to you leaves a trail. It gets longer and longer the more that they do to you, and involves more and more people - AND BECOMES UNBEARABLY COMPLICATED FOR THEM TO KEEP UP WITH, too. That's important for you to realize. Your story will always hold together while their's keeps "changing to fit". It can actually be utilized over time. It can be referenced. At some point, you don't have to prove much of anything at all anymore because they've done so much that it becomes obvious and calls attention to itself.

...It's what I call, "...the moment of 'Sun Tzu Realization'".

The best way to win a war is not to fight at all. Sun Tzu was right about that. But there's something else. Something that your enemies never notice; and never get. Most of the time, unfortunately, it also happens to be what the VICTIM never gets...and that is, that if people are going to stalk you, it can be used AGAINST them, too. Too often, victims take it up the ass, because they don't realize this, and/or because they're too frozen in fear of retaliation, and the bad guys get away with it. But if they're going to fight, you should use their weakness and stupidity AGAINST them - not to a LIGHT degree either; but to the utmost MAXIMIZED degree. If they're going to be stupid, then make sure they know how stupid they really were.

That is what these blogs are. I am calling attention to everything and in so doing they are all FORCED to stop in their tracks. Suddenly, now rather than being the bullies, they're all having to create "alibis". Suddenly they have to prove to the world that they're the sweetest, kindest people on the face of the planet. Suddenly, the harassment and stalking stops. Suddenly they've all got a new mission: to prove to the world how GOOD they are. They get involved in three TIMES the public service and charity that they normally do, noticeably and seemingly inexplicably. (...Like I noticed Jeff Capehart do immediately after I publicized my original blog entry about my harassments. And I remember thinking that it was hilarious because I realized that I was finally now in more control of my life again - not COMPLETE control; but I had SOME, and it was nice.) Suddenly the bullies are forced to lie, to make up stuff, to develop wildly twisted and contorted stories that are SO complicated and which are forced to include SO MANY people to coordinate with (so that they can all back each other up) that it becomes hard to track even for THEM. ...And it will be so easy to pick all of that apart in a courtroom.

ACOEM, NWS-JAX, GPD, UPD, GARC, GARS, Paul Eakin, Dave Donnelly, Chief William May, Al Sandrik, Angie Enyedi, Steve Letro, Officer Mayo, Officer Metz, Officer Hollings, and everybody else...I DO REALIZE that they were all duped by the hams - the people who were stalking me. But the simple fact is...there was a proper procedure for handling circumstances like this and everybody just jumped to the wrong conclusions about who was guilty and who was innocent; and without stopping THERE, quite shockingly, everybody then irrationally took ACTIONS TOO!...against the wrong person. Now everybody is having to run and hide so that no one else knows all the hell and problems that they caused, and which could cost them their careers, and perhaps even jail time, or a lawsuit here and there. But that's not right. It's not an excuse. It's not excuseable. It has to be answered for, now. When you do something wrong, you HAVE to pay the piper. That's what I was always taught. When you do something wrong, you have to take responsibility for it. This is the mark of a GOOD-HEARTED person, a RESPONSIBLE individual, a moral, thoughtful, and honorable human being. This could have all been so easily avoided had people used the proper procedures, stifled their instinct to hate someone based on gossip that they had no clue was true or not, followed all the rules and laws, and AVOIDED stepping on my civil rights along the way. Regardless of the fact that people in EM and NWS and all the police agencies were duped, they still broke laws, and ignored procedures that were supposed to be there to actually PREVENT such miscarriages of justice from occuring. They still made conscious and deliberate CHOICES to take shortcuts and prevent me from being able to utilize my basic civil rights, with the INTENT of preventing me from doing anything to protect myself. If they had a problem, they were supposed to handle it more publicly. Complaints were supposed to be filed, with signatures and time/date stamps affixed. Paperwork was supposed to be filled out. Upper echolon was supposed to be duly and properly notified and allowed to be brought up to speed on the situation, and to be able to make decisions of it's own. All of this was skipped. In a courtroom, I'm going to ask for proof of ALL those steps being taken. They're all going to just shrug and say...

  "I don't have that official paperwork. No."
  "No, I never notified my superiors. No."
  "No, the NWS itself had no clue what we were doing under the table."
  "No, the County of Alachua had no clue what ACOEM was doing to Todd, because they were left out of the loop; but now they're responsible because I was an employee of the County."
  "I knew I was supposed to notify someone in (City/County/State/DC/HQ) about it but that would have taken time, and I felt that this was serious, so we took some shortcuts."
  "No, I never notified Todd that we were holding meetings about him wherein we decided what under the table actions to take against him."
  "Yes, that's right. When Todd found out about the meeting, and his Assistant Coordinator asked if he/they could attend, I told her no, that he/they could NOT and that we weren't interested in hearing what he/they had to say."
  "Yes, we told GPD/UPD/et al that he was a problem and to ignore his complaints, but we really thought he was the bad guy at the time. We thought we were doing the right thing to protect the people we actually thought at the time were the innocent victims."
  "Yes, I deliberately delayed subpoenaeing the IP logs because Dave Donnelly had advised me, based upon what the National Weather Service had told him, that he was a 'problem' and that was trying to use the law to harass innocent people. I did this so as to prevent Mr. Sherman from obtaining any evidence which would have revealed who had been harassing him and who had created a fake Yahoo account in his name, and shared detailed knowledge about the case with the very people he had filed the complaint against specifically with the intent of helping them to elude arrest and conviction."
  "Yes, I implied to the investigating officers of the University Police Department that Todd was a problem - based on what Mr. Donnelly had said, and told them that they should not take anything that he has to say about the hacking, or the investigation thereof, seriously, and to cooperate in fact with the accused and to share all knowledge of the case with him during the investigation."

You get the picture.

Of course, the NWS itself will deny knowledge of what it's employees were doing so as to protect itself. It will distance itself from these employees, not back them up. Same with the County of Alachua and what Dave and Chief May did. Same with the City of Gainesville over what the rogue cop did. Same with the University of Florida with what ITs cops did "under the table" without the knowledge of THAT organization. Not ONE agency will back it's employees up knowing that to do so puts the AGENCY in harms way. These people acted independently. I will SUE the agencies anyway, because the actions were taken ON THE CLOCK, WHILE WEARING THE UNIFORMS, using the NAMES of those agencies to GARNER those favors when they were asked for. The agencies will be hit with a sudden lawsuit, and will be asking where the hell it came from, and they'll be going to their employees for those answers, and the employees will be shirking any reponsibility and denying. But the evidence will point to otherwise.

But it's not going to matter. The damage has already been done. And this is also ALL part of the "Sun Tzu Realization" - that they were all breaking the rules and the laws, and that they never thought about these things while they were so involved in doing everything that they did, and they're all going to have to ACCOUNT for this, eventually. I think they know this, now. But I'm not interested in hearing the excuses, now. I don't care. Everyone involved took merciless...MERCILESS actions against me, and I begged REPEATEDLY for help and mercy and no one was interested in giving me any, or in listening to my side. They were all TOLD that people were stalking and harassing me. It was out there. Everyone proceded as if I was making it all up. No one wanted to give it a chance. Everyone assumed, and then took actions based upon the GUESS that I was indeed the bad guy. They brought this upon themselves. And I think it's also why no one has ever made any effort to try to make me shut up, or to take down these blogs. Because just the simple act of TRYING TO DO that forces attention to be called to the situation, and demands inquiries, investigations, and having to answer questions about it all; and they don't want that. So back to the Sun Tzu Realization...I seem to actually have some sort of "control" over everyone, now. I have found a way to make my harassers stop and go into hiding, and the people in government who were abusing their powers to also take note about the things that they were doing. It would seem that I don't have to worry about anything bad happening, anymore. Although, the bad that did occur still occurred, and my name and reputation were still completely destroyed, and the damage was still done, nonetheless.

If they didn't want me to defend myself, then they shouldn't have done what they did. The problem with bullies is that they get so used to people being afraid of them and of getting their asses kicked by them that they get USED to being able to do whatever they want to people. Then the bullies begin to EXPECT that this will ALWAYS work. It usually DOES...with MOST PEOPLE, anyway. But...I'm not "most people" (anymore). Now I'm that one backwards asshole that screws them up and ruins what was a really good day until they met me.

Was I always that way? No. I used to believe in people more. I used to take a lot, and I used to be exceedingly patient. I used to be super kind, and super patient, and super forgiving, and super understanding. I used to believe in being nice to people more. I used to let people go with their infractions, and pretend they never happened, to give people "second chances". I used to say, "Never pay heed to the first impression. It's he 167th impression that actually matters, because this is the true individual when they are most comfortable with you. I don't do that anymore. My stalkers actually saw it not as a good and honorable trait, but as a weakness and they exploited it. Today, I don't trust anyone right off the bat. I suspect everyone. That being said, would you believe...something in me still finds some small want to resist that Pavlovianly-trained reaction?

(sigh!) You have to get your ass kicked a few times with these types and be cornered into a wall before you learn. Most victimized people never learn because most victimized people never run into this DEGREE of harassment and stalking in their lifetimes. However, in my case, I ran into a particularly sadistic bunch of people who didn't know when to stop, and now not only are they having to answer for it, but so are the dumbasses they duped! And now they all appear to be regretting the day they picked on me, and if so, then that is just SO satisfying. (*sigh!*) Again's not the victory I'm looking for. I want these people to be brought to justice and to be made to answer for all the things they did...publicly...on the record. I want my name back. I want the world to know what happened to me. My civil rights were stomped on, I was unfairly labelled, and then picked on by people who had all the power while I had none. People need to understand that. Until they do, justice has not been served, here; and things are by no means "over". Although, I'm sure these guys all wish it were, now.

Somebody told me that Angie had children now - that they had seen it on her Facebook page....two kids with her that looked to be maybe four and five years old. Were they hers? I have no idea. Don't REALLY care. Maybe they were just visiting family at the time the photo was taken. But it might explain WHY she has reacted the way that she has in this whole thing. It's scary because now everything seems to make better sense. Everything starts to come together into a clearer reasoning, now. (sigh) Not only had she majorly screwed up and caused harm to someone innocent, but now she had a "life" with a real family, and she was trying to protect it, trying to make the wrongs she had done to me "go away", remain hidden, by calling upon favors from friends inside NWS and EM, who themselves called upon favors in the police departments to make any investigations "go away". She freaked. She flipped out. She thought I was the bad guy, not the victim. She interpreted a lot of things wrong. She made wrong assumptions. She jumped to incorrect conclusions. She thought the bad guys were the good guys. Considering how Jeff used to invade himself into my business, into my friends, into my life, and all the resultant confusion caused by all of that...I think I can see how it could have happened. Angie is the crux of everything, however. Angie wigged out and had a "shit fit", as they say. She panicked. She freaked out and then she went to Al and begged him to help her. Al, not liking me to begin with, had no problem with obliging, and that's when things got even WORSE...

On the night that she stayed to talk with me after the spotter training class (in 2005 - more about that as we go on, here), she kept telling me not to tell anyone about our talk. She said that she didn’t want it "getting back to Matt" any cost.

But I'm jumping ahead, here...

After the class, she followed me outside as I gathered my stuff from the classroom and was loading it into my car. She was unusually nice, and even kinda flirty. I wasn't sure how to take it. That whole EVENING was weird, actually. But I learned something about her. She's wasn't quite the so-well-put-together person that I had come to think she was. She had a kind of "spacey" side.

Man, she was all over the place that night. She was kind of "flighty". I remember the conversation going back and forth, but mostly centering on her marriage to Matt and how "smothering" she felt he was, and on the "awesome job" she said that I was doing with SKYWARN.

At one point, she was talking about how she was having second thoughts about the marriage thing, how she was wanting to divorce Matt, how she felt that it was "over", and she just wanted out, now. She said "At first I thought marriage to Matt was something that I really *did* want; but now I think I’ve changed my mind. I just...I really can’t take it anymore. He...smothers me. He’s insecure. He’s too emotional. He wants my attention all the time. So much that I feel like I just can't breath. It's just NOT what I wanted. I don’t know what to do. I feel really bad. But I just want out, now." I remember telling her to calm down, to take a deep breath, that this stuff happens in marriages a lot - all the time - especially in the early years of the marriage. I told her not to make any rash decisions about it, to think about what she was doing, to give it some time. She kept telling me "no", that she was pretty sure already that a divorce was what she really wanted to do. But near the end of the night, some three hours after the class had ended, I think I had actually convinced her to think more, and to give it while.

All during that evening, she complimented me on what I was doing with SKYWARN, told me that she was proud of me, proud of what I was doing for SKYWARN, and of my enthusiasm for it, how she admired me for how I was sticking to it in the face of all of the crap, etc. I remember thanking her for that and I related a little more to her about the problem that I was having with the hams down here. She confided something that Al had told her. She said that he had warned her to "Watch out for those Alachua County people...they're crazy." I paused and sighed, and I told her that I actually agreed.

I never got Al. I remembered how Al was always offish when around me. I could tell he didn't like me. His body language, his weird stares...they all made it easy to figure out. He wasn't even conscious he was doing it. There was no real reason for it. I'd never done anything to him in the past. But I would look into his eyes and see a man who had a prejudice, for whatever reason. I wondered if he actually didn't mean me when he'd said that to Angie. Al used to look at me he just couldn't stand me. I'd try to be nice and polite, but he was always stand-offish. He never liked my jokes. He'd stare at me like he thought I was a pervert or something, and not be conscious of the stare. Nothing I did ever seemed to make the man happy. He always made me feel REALLY uncomfortable, and extremely unliked. I never liked him. ...He treated our entire group like we were stupid. During spotter training classes he would often put an old slide from a presentation put together by Fred Johnson long ago into his own, not to actually teach people anything important, but to insult and berate the group, here. (Angie wouldn't do this. It was just Al...) It was a picture I'd taken of some cloud features in the years before, when we were all new and learning. It had some Photoshopped arrows and descriptional queries on it. I wanted to know what certain features seen in the picture were and so I'd labeled them...some incorrectly...but so that FRED JOHNSON would know what I meant and he could thus explain them to me. Al apparently came across them years later, probably obvioiusly going through Fred's old files and directories, and he didn't understand the background. He just usurped them into his own presentation and whenever he'd give a class he'd say, in front of 50+ other people watching, "THESE are slides from people who do NOT know what they're talking about!" The slide included names and callsigns, with no attempt to disguise them. I'd told him before to remove the slide, and I'd told him the background story about it, too. He obviously didn't care. He continued to use it. As far as I know, he's still using that damned slide today in a severely misinterpreted way to criticize and make fun of Alachua County hams and spotters.

[UPDATE - 12/09/2010: Al finally came down and did another spotter training class. Took three years, but it finally happened. But during the class, the jerk yet AGAIN used that slide. This time I publicly rebuked him about it and he promised to remove the slide, and admitted that yes, he HAD swiped it from Fred Johnson's old stuff. Why am I SURE that he'll forget his promise, though? Meanwhile, I'm sure they'll wait yet ANOTHER three years or more before the next class, while the give Flagler County EMA three- to five-a-year in that time, like they always do.]

At any rate, when Al told Angie that the people in Alachua County were nuts, I really hated to admit it, but Al was right. I couldn't stand it; but he was. I couldn't argue that. The hams down here ARE "nucking futs" as I like to say. They really are. In all the years that I'd associated with the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society - some of whose members were also simultaneous members of the Gator Amateur Radio Club, I couldn't help but notice how after every damned meeting - sometimes during - they were always talking about somebody, always making fun of somebody, always criticizing and complaining about somebody, or spreading something about somebody. They were always dissatisfied with someone or something.

But Angie could not understand that. With Angie, everything had to be in "absolutes". "I don't know", given in answer to "Why do they pick on you so much?", would short circuit her. I know many people like this. If it doesn't fit something logical, then they resort to stupid wives tales, stupid irratonal philosophies, and jumping to utterly rash conclusions. I can't STAND that. I've BEEN the victim of gossip. I know what it feels like. I've BEEN picked on by the bullies, before. I know what that's like. I know WHY it's not nice to jump to conclusions about people and I don't do it. In fact, I always tended to befriend the victims because I could recognize when they were being bullied, and I didn't like seeing it, and I would often try to console them so they they wouldn't learn to hate the whole world. But there are people who believe that if things happen to you, it's for a reason, or because you're just "bad". For example, some believe that if something is happening to you, it's because of "Karma", or because "Something in your past is catching up with you and you deserve it!", or because "You must have DONE something to them!", or my personal favorite "Some people are just MEANT to live a harsh life and you just have to accept that and LIVE with it." Where do people come up with this CRAPOLA?

She kept repeatedly asking me, "WHY are they stalking you, though?", over and over, like a broken record. It was as if my explanations just weren’t good enough for her, like she felt that it HAD to be my own fault. (Why do people always want to blame the victims? Why?) I would say "I don’t know," and then we’d talk about something else; and then she’d revisit it again, later. "Yes, but...WHY are they going after you?" She couldn’t put it down. I don't think she wanted to believe that people can attack others without provocation. Some people don't believe that psychopaths can exist. They believe that everyone MUST have a "conscience" and that every bad person is "rehabilitatable", defacto, "because EVERYONE has a conscience". It actually short circuits them if you try to explain that no, there are SOME people who don't HAVE a conscience like you and me, who are cruel on PURPOSE, as a means to some selfish, unscrupulous end, and they are NOT rehabilitatable. To people like Angie, everything has to be "A + B". There is no other thinking. Angie wanted simple explanations, and there were none. Angie wanted everything to fit, and they didn't. Angie wanted reason and logic, and there was none. And if things didn't make sense, then it meant that you were lying. This is the simpleton logic and reason that most people use. And in human history it's often culprit for putting blame on a lot of innocent people. So I think Angie became paranoid and afraid of me, because she didn't understand. The hams had succeeded in causing fear and distrust.

At any rate, we parted on good terms, that night. There was no real flirting. (I asked if she wanted to go grab a drink to talk about the Matt situation, as friends. That's as close to "flirting" as this situation gets to.) Angie went home late, that night. And we continued to talk via email on normal terms for a while.

But then I made a mistake. I later entrusted Jeff with knowledge of what was discussed between us, that night. Jeff was then my friend. You're supposed to be able to trust your friends with this kind of stuff and know that it won't go anywhere. That's just the law of friends. It happens all the time. When I meet friends of my friends I expect that SOME of them were entrusted with talks of personal information about my life. But then Jeff did something that finally made me realize that this is not a man out for my own best interests. And I'll go into that in a little bit, here.

At any rate, so if Angie now has kids?...a family?... she most likely doesn’t want what happened that night – or word of it, rather – to get back to her husband, Matt Enyedi, or worse...the kids, or anyone else on either side of the family. She probably feared that it could destroy her whole life.

But like...I’m supposed to do what, now?...keep my mouth shut, not try to get my name back, keep everything a secret "for the good of the others", sacrifice myself for the sake of Angie's peace?...for the sake of Angie's right to live a normal life? What about me? What about what happened to me? Look at my life now, after what all these people did to it. This isn't some high school thing where little Mary calls Jane a slut in front of everybody in the classroom, and it spreads all around the school, and Jane goes home to Mom crying about what Mary said, and Mary gets in trouble with the Principle, gets a temporary suspension, and it all just goes AWAY after a short while. My name and reputation were irreparably destroyed, permanently, and "officially"...literally in front of the "city", the "county", the "state", and "federal" governments; and across multiple local area AND national civilian organizations, and even inside police circles. I have a right, really, to take this woman to court and sue her for what she did, and Al, and Steve. But she was the one who encouraged government leaders to see me as a threat, as a stalker, as a "serious problem" as Steve Letro put it to my Assistant Coordinator during a phone call...and they all took real actions against me which caused me great harm and damage. It was what ANGIE did that put the final convincing nail in the coffin for me. After that, people attacked me, my friends, my family, my associations to even worse degree. An officer in the Gainesville Police Department sabotaged a harassment case that I’d filed against a couple of hams who were stalking me because of the things that she told Al Sandrik and that he had passed on to the Alachua County Emergency Management. ACOEM then suggested to the police that I was a problem based upon what Angie and Al had said, and made the cop believe that I was trying to use the police to pick on innocent people - which was false. The University Police Department deliberately screwed up a hacking investigation for the same reasons. The State Attorney’s Office blew off complaints about my stalkers because of the way that GPD had inaccurately represented the case to them. I had NO police protection in this town (still dont, really)...all because Angie had implied that *I* was the problem here in Alachua County. How was I a problem? WHAT DID SHE SAY, exactly??? I was not allowed to know the specifics. I was not allowed to participate in the meetings about me. I was not allowed to face my accusers, to know what was being said, to be able to answer to it. NWS and EM had private, closed meetings. They literally held their own closed trials, tried to keep me out of the loop, convicted me in the closed doors of their private offices, and carried out sentence upon me...without my ever being present. I was not allowed to offer my side. Nobody ever wanted to hear it.

I can't help but ask... How come whenever a pretty female cries, all the world will come to her rescue, put together a whole investigation - without any questions asked? ...But when a male complains about being stalked and harrassed, he has to actually prove everything, first; show evidence of everything, first; and have the entire case alrady put together FOR the police before they'll even take a first step? That's the opening statement that I think I'm going to make if any of this ever gets to see the light of a real courtroom. :( Whenever I tried to complain and get the police to help me, I was actually treated rudely, and like I was just being ridiculous, and quite frankly, like I was a royal pain in the ass. ...And they sabotaged every chance at evidence gathering.

What do I have to do to get my name back, to get everybody to do the right thing? ...Take everybody into court? ...Sue them? How far do I have to go? (sigh)

So why did Angie do this? Now I know...

  1. She was duped by the hams into believing that I was a threat and not the hams.
  2. She made some bad guesses and misinterpreted a heck of a lot - especially about my own intentions.
  3. Once she finally realized this, she realized she was stuck and that she had a choice of either
    • continuing the facade to keep herself safe, or
    • tell the truth and risk everything in her life, AND bring everybody else down too, while
    • suffering humiliation and embarassment in front of friends, family, coworkers and her educational peers for the grave mistakes that she and her NWS partners had made and the harm that they all brought to another human being.
These are not good realizations for a mind to have to deal with. She panicked. She snapped. I see that, now. It took me YEARS to figure that out. ...YEARS! Nothing was making sense.

But the fact still remains...nothing has been done to correct the wrongs done to me, and/or to Alachua County SKYWARN.

But I can't do this. I'm not going to let it go. I'm not going to sit back here and just take all of this and not defend myself. I want my name back! I deserve that. And if no one is going to own up to it, then I have no choice but to take everyone to court and make it public and force people to admit it in front of court and TV cameras, and in newspapers, and in front of their friends and families. I will do that. It's GOING to happen. And the longer that people DON'T own up to it and that no attempt at correction is made, the angrier I am getting and the more I truly believe that no mercy and no "deals" should be allowed for ANYONE. I'm going to go for pressing the fullest possible charges, and demanding the fullest possible recompenses. I have a right to be angry.

(sigh) So that's what that was all about. Angie was worried that what happened between me and her that day might get back to Matt, to both of their families, to the NWS... She could lose the marriage, possibly the kids if she actually had any, and maybe have to pay child support, and alimony. She might lose her job, and be generally held in disgrace everywhere she went. She'd gotten friends at her job to help her too, putting her friends' careers at risk, as well. They got other people in other government agencies to help them out with the "Todd problem," putting their careers at risk, and putting those government agencies at risk of a lawsuit. Everybody did a favor in some way or another for Angie, in the end. Now her entire world is "responsible" for what happened in some form or another. Everyone and everything is connected to Angie in some way, shape, or form. Now I understand. ...Most perfectly, in fact. I get it. I'm not stupid! So then, the mortgage company...they were being used to try to find "dirt" in case I were to ever file a lawsuit. A mortgage company, used it's resources in a manner not consistent with their stated purpose, to try to dig up slanderous information about someone, and shared it with someone not actually a customer, as a "favor". ...THAT’S what all of that was about. But I caught them. Did the employee who DID that favor actually advise his/her employers of it? Somehow I doubt it. But the actioins of the rogue emplyee now make that company liable, as well. Every time I turn around, something sleezy and shady is happening at the hands of NWS employees. It's kind of frightening to actually watch happen right in front of my own eyes...almost "live", through my IP logs. (sigh)

...And now I’m frightened even MORE because this was a woman who was once NICE to me, kind to me... She was someone I once believed in, once respected and admired for her dedication to SKYWARN. I used to think that she was so awesome, an asset to our local SKYWARN efforts. And now, not because I’d actually DONE anything to her but, because the information I knew could become a threat to the peace and quiet of her life...I’m now someone she feels she has to act desperately with. Now I’m a threat. Now I’m a problem. Now I’m someone she feels she has to eliminate or else she could encounter problems. And that in itself is just...well..."psychopathic". I can’t believe this. So she went to Al. And Al, not knowing what was really happening, jumped right on the bandwagon to come to her rescue, thinking..."damsel in distress; must protect". But Al has a lot of testosterone, and didn't stop to think. He just acted. (You know... "Grunt, grunt!") Al had a hero complex, wanted to show off to everybody just how good of a hero he could be, and got himself in far too deeply, went overboard, did far too much, and as a result, is now stuck in the face of a LOT of soon-to-come trouble for himself and everyone else AROUND him, because while Angie was the catalyst, he was ultimately responsible, criminally and liably, for making everything that eventually happened inside NWS, FDEM, ACOEM, ACSO, GPD, UPD, and the Gainesville SAO.

So why did Angie change?

I trusted Jeff Capehart with very personal and private information about what happened, that night, between me and Angie. You’re supposed to be able to go to your best friends and trust that they’ll keep your most secret things to themselves, damn it. Friends are supposed to be the holders of your secrets, people you can trust anything with. And just a short two-and-a-half-weeks after confiding that information to Jeff, he actually betrayed me by taking that information STRAIGHT back to Angie in a critical, condescending letter designed not only to strike fear in Angie’s heart, but to show her that he knew. He didn't even CC me. It was meant to be a private email to Angie about me - one that he had expected would not be duped back to me, or that I would ever know about. If Angie hadn't sent me a copy, I would have never caught on that Jeff was engaging in this kind of thing behind my back. I suddenly began to realize WHY people kept dropping like flies in my contacts and associations. Jeff was contacting everyone behind my back and attempting to make people doubt in me. Here, he attempted to use the situation to garner Angie's confidence in him, and to distrust me. But Angie forwarded a copy back to me, "FYI". It was designed to make Angie doubt, and fear, and distrust. The email was designed to show her that I was irresponsible, while simultaneously giving the appearance that he was "a good friend", "for my own good". ...And it worked extremely well.

After he sent that letter, suddenly Angie went from being a friend who trusted and confided in me, to someone who didn’t know who the hell I was. She doubted me and my intentions. Suddenly she went from open to closed. You could see her whole attitude towards the things going on down here quickly change. Suddenly, someone who used to send and exchange very friendly email conversations with me now didn't want anything from me but a "business-only" relationship.

I sent Angie some emails which begged her not to listen to the hate. It didn't do any good, though. Now I'd lost a friend, too.

There was no other purpose for that letter. Jeff sent it with wording designed to make it sound like he was my friend; and yet, right in front of your face at the very same time, was condescending wording designed to make me look stupid and irresponsible. It was a "hate" mail, in disguise of something sent in the name of "friendship". It was right in front of your face. ...But Angie didn’t see that. ...Because Jeff is an excellent charismatic speaker. He is able to make hate sound like a "favor" being done to "help" someone. No one ever catches that sort of stuff...especially when it comes from someone whom everyone believes in.

You know? Had Jeff NOT sent that email...none of this might not have ever happened. It's what STARTED the whole thing, and is what made Angie realize that SHE was now being targetted by the people who were targetting me, and it HAD to frighten her. I don't care WHAT she says, later.

It took me a long, long time to see Jeff for what he really was. He was someone who always told me he was my friend; and yet, he would always do things to sabotage me. As a victim who trusts someone, you never notice these things at first. You don’t want to believe them. And it takes a very long time for victims to realize what is really going on...but not until it’s too late, and great, immense damage has been done in their lives. This is the relationship between abuser and victim. You don’t want to believe that this person could be bad, and so you actually develop excuses for them. ...Clubs, organizations, and whole government agencies make excuses for them. Sometimes you’re lucky and the abuser sees the light. But in this case, Jeff was a psychopath. He doesn’t understand emotions. He only knows how to get what he wants at any cost...and if attacking your friends and associations does the job, then that is what he’s going to do.

The email to Angie again brought up an argument that Jeff and I had had a year-and-a-half before, about the "SKYWARN Coordinator" manning the EOC (Emergency Operations Center, now called the CCC, for Combined Communcations Center) during hurricanes. Jeff wanted me to man the EOC as a SKYWARN representative during hurricanes. He would try everything to get me to do it. He'd accuse me of being irresponsible by choosing to stay home with my mother (who had cancer). When that didn't work, he tried to embarass me with it in front of other members during GARS meetings. What Jeff really wanted was for me to go there so that he could go home during hurricanes, because usually not many other hams would volunteer to allow themselves to be locked down in a place that was not home. To boot, his wife Susan was always bitching at him for always being there and never being able to leave. I guess he saw me as the easist, most open target to hit with it. Jeff was always saying that as SKYWARN Coordinator, it was my "duty" to man the EOC during hurricanes. But my argument was always..."To man the EOC to do...WHAT? To do WHAT, Jeff? ...Coordinate SKYWARN activities in 75+ mph winds?!!! So then, you’re advocating that spotters should post themselves at their windows during 75+ mph winds and report...WHAT? ...things flying around outside their home?...things flying into windows that should have been boarded up but weren’t because the Coordinator and the National Weather service TOLD them to sit by the windows? report when they get injured from manning their windows in 75+ mph winds? Just a SKYWARN Coordinator...supposed to do during hurricanes...that actually the *ARES EC*, or someone else in *ARES*...can’t already do? During hurricanes, all spotter activities should CEASE. There should BE no spotters out and about, or manning their windows...and windows should be boarded UP! If I EVER personally hear of any spotter activity during hurricanes I will personally SHOOT them - because it's about the same god damned THING! You might as well just jump in front of a BUS!" The argument made perfect sense and was logical; there WAS no arguing with it. But Jeff would still try, anyway. You will NOT find ONE Emergency Manager, ONE NWS employee, who will contradict me or argue with me on this. It's a simple matter of liability. There is NO purpose for "SKYWARN" operations during hurricanes. And it is NOT necessary, mandated, or REQUIRED for a SKYWARN Coordinator of a CIVILIAN organization to be present on official government property just to repeat NWS bulletins and hurricane status and damage reports over a microphone. When hurricanes come, SKYWARN stands down, and ARES takes over. Period. Failing to win that argument, as I said, he'd try to embarass me in front of my peers for deciding to stay home and watch my mother when she had cancer during hurricanes. You KNOW though? Putting my foot down, that wasn't any of his god damned business. I was watching the hurricanes and if they seemed like they were going to be a strong enough danger mandating going to a shelter then I would have done that. As it is they were always TD status. We were lucky and so actually going to shelters was NOT required. But Jeff had this thing about controlling my life. He couldn't put it down. He'd always take every opportunity to bring it up again, later. ...Even YEARS later, as he did with the NWS to try to sway their opinion of me, THERE.

But going to NWS, Emergency Management, the local ham clubs, and repeatedly bringing it up solely for the purpose of trying to embarass me and make me look stupid was wrong. And anyone attempting to SUPPORT him in doing that was wrong. And he'd always fool people, again, by touting that he was only doing it to me because he was trying to do me a "favor". People are so gullible. But hey. I fell for it too for quite the long time. Jeff was all about controling you. It had nothing to do with favors and friendships. It was about controlling you. And if you didn't do what he told you to do, he tried to publicly humiliate you. I really don't see how people in the NWS could have been so GULLIBLE, though. WHY didn't they see that that's what he was trying to DO? I thought it was pretty obvious. I mean, that was a pretty shitty email to send about someone.

But STILL Jeff would always try to bring the argument back up again. I’d even told him to drop it, but he’d only wait a couple of months, and bring it back up again. He didn’t like to lose. He can’t stand that. So he’d try to go to my friends and convince THEM to convince me. When that didn’t work, he went to government LEADERS and tried to make THEM convince me of the errors of my ways. He'd wait until some spotter training class, or some public presentation, and he'd bring it up in front of a hundred people and laugh about it. This isn't a man looking out for me. It's a man trying to deliberately cause people to disrespect and disbelieve in me. With Jeff it was always dirty pool. ...With someone he called his FRIEND. He did this to me repeatedly and I was starting to slowly get the picture that Jeff wasn’t being my friend, he was really manipulating me. It was becoming slowly apparent that what we had wasn’t really a "friendship" but some sort of sick symbiosis thing where I’m important to him in some way that I hadn’t figured out yet. Maybe I was just a tool with which to glean more popularity and attention, some check mark on some public service card. I don't know. But what we had, I was slowly beginning to realize, was not a normal relationship, but something sick and twisted.

In the days after the 2005 spotter training class, Angie and I exchanged more emails. In them I tried to explain to her the situation down here, about all the stalking, the harassments. It was a mistake, though. Jeff's email had done too much damage. I tried and tried...BEGGED her not to let the other hams who were stalking me contaminate her idea of me or to think of me badly. But I wasn’t aware that all I was doing was just exactly the opposite. It wasn’t working. Humans have a really nasty, bad habit of trying to be "at-home CSI detectives". They don’t have the forensics training, so lacking that, they try to go by "gut feelings", almost on ESP. They think they know humans enough to be able to GUESS at who the bad guy really is when the clues just aren't clear enough or there. More often than not, this fails, and the wrong people become harmed. That is what happened, here. I guess it's my "beady eyes." (What the hell IS that, anyway?)

I threw ideas at Angie, like becoming an officer in ACS. I was trying to hunt down people with real knowledge and real experience in meteorology, spotting, etc…because I thought with people like that in our repertoire would be the best thing all around for the group. I wanted people who knew their stuff. I wanted people with knowledge and enthusiasm. It is THESE types of people who really make things work. But more I tried to convince Angie to help out, more Angie saw "flirting", I think. I wasn’t interested in her as a mate, or even a god damned SEX partner. I just wanted someone smart and who knew their stuff and who could thus really help the group GO places. I also wanted a friend...someone who understood, and GOD dammit whom I could trust. ...For ONCE. ...And Angie indicated pride in what I was doing, and she was SO very enthusiastic about SKYWARN. But knowing that I was being stalked not just by one...but by up to SIX DIFFERENT HAMS...Angie decided that she wanted no part of this. She would back out of invitations to join up, citing the appearance of favoritism, and that if she got involved with one group, she’d have to do the same for all. And while this of course sounded reasonable, I knew it was total BS. :( Angie was frightened...of the whole situation, of me. She had NO CLUE who was telling the truth and who was lying. And I’m sure she had fears that if she showed any sign of assisting Alachua County SKYWARN with anything, then MY attackers might become HER attackers. That SHE might end up in the attacker’s sights. …and Jeff’s letter...proved just exactly that to be true. ANYONE, not just Angie, could have had those fears, and they would have been...

...Absolutely correct to have them. They’re RIGHT. They’re one hundred percent CORRECT. They WOULD become targets. They WOULD be attacked, too. It was (still is) a VERY REAL CONCERN! I could not (still cannot) argue this fact. There was nothing that I could do. The argument is not without merit. The argument does make sense. ...And I can’t do anything about it. No one wants anything to do with Alachua County SKYWARN...because SOMETHING very strange is going on with it. But what was WRONG, was that when I complained...people jumped to wild conclusions, took REAL actions against the wrong person, and completely destroyed that person AND the organization...and neither deserved it.

Jeffrey Donald Capehart W4UFL and Susan Ann Tipton K9PDL, Frederick Scott West KG4VWD, Jay Lieberman KD4FER, Philip Spoffard Royce KE4PWE and Melissa Royce KE4WBQ - six Cylons... Er, I mean ham radio operators who went out of their way to stalk and harass and destroy me and Alachua County SKYWARN... …WHY??? Just so that everyone knows, between the six, they've engaged in the following crimes: stalking, harassment, arson, computer hacking, other computer crimes including the use of computers to stalk and harass, to cause deliberate blockage and use of pagers, cellphones, and answering machines, leaving threatening messages, email bombing, pager bombing, cellphone bombing, threats to keep my mouth shut about the harassments, check fraud, threat of physical assault, assaulting people with guns, assaulting OFFICERS with guns, attempt use slander and deliberately false information about a person and an organization spread about in such a deliberate manner as to cause fear and panic on other civilian organizations and multiple city, county, state, and federal government agencies, forging business cards with intent to con city, county, and state government employees into taking over an organization, conspiracy to do so, using fake titles with intent to con city, county, and state government employees, attempting to use power of office to take over other organizations, conspiracy to do so, attempting to use power of office to illicitely take equipment - including computers and licensed transmitting and satellite receiving equipment obtained through legal means from the State government, attempting to cover up those things, ignoring complaints of stalking and harassment by city, county, state employees and failing to file proper reports and to work with the victim to investigate, violation of fairness laws, violation of the civil rights of me and ACS...and so on.

But the HAMS weren't the problem. No, no. *I* was the much so that FOUR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES went OUT OF THEIR WAY to have meetings about me, to blackball me, to prevent ACS from being recognized or to perform any further public service training classes, etc. When *I* complained about the hams stalking me, I was met with incredulousness and disbelief. Everyone blew me off. WHY? People stopped listening to me halfway through my complaints. Police blew me off. Emergency Management blew me off. The National Weather Service blew me off. The Gainesville State Attorney's Office blew me off. GPD sabotaged a harassment case. UPD sabotaged a hacking investigation. I was treated like I was a son of a bitch and a tyrant for making the complaints. WHY?????

What did I actually DO that was so BAD? What WAS it that Angie TOLD everybody? Can ANYBODY stand in front of a Judge and adequately and justifiably EXPLAIN that to him, I wonder, just exactly what the hell it was that I even DID? No. They can’t. That’s why nobody is suing me. That’s why no one is taking me to court over all these blogs and harassment-related web pages. That’s why people try to manipulate the search engines to HIDE those blogs, and web pages...QUIETLY, sureptitiously. ...Because if this got into court NOW, it would become officially public, placed into the public RECORD. There would be questions, interrogations, inquiries and real investigations... People would be sued, criminally charged in some cases, lose their careers, their homes, their livelihood. ...All because a number of gullible people went too far, "convicted" the wrong person in the "Court of Public Guesswork and At Home Justice", caused him AND an innocent organization - as well as civilian spotters and organizations all across the entire NWS-JAX County Warning Area...tangible harm, and great unjustice. ...And now, everyone is liable, everyone is responsible, everyone could easily at any wrong step come under some very deep, dark trouble, and everyone wants to cover it up and "make it go away". Besides, what are they actually going to try to claim that I DID?

I'm sorry. I just have to rant. Let me get this straight. Does anyone actually think that anyone is going to sue me for "defamation of character"? Do I have that correctly? What was it Terry Garr said in CE3K? "...I'm sorry...You said what? ...You said WHAT?" ...Pot kinda calling the kettle BLACK; wouldn't you say? Everyone "wishes" they'd never gone as far as they did - without reason, without proof, or evidence, or witnesses. Meanwhile, MY OWN life...remains destroyed. I get no acknowledgements. I get no APOLOGY from anyone. I am..."sacrificed"...for the good of the many. The evidence is inescapable. I was dreadfully harmed by slander and gossip and rumor to a degree not EVEN funny, excuseable, or explicable. That's obvious to ANY judge. I don't think ACOEM, the National Weather Service, the Gainesville Police Department, the University Police Department, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, the Gainesville State Attorney's Office, the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society, the Gator Amateur Radio Club, the University of Florida, the American Radio Relay League, ARRL North Florida Section Manager Paul Eakin, GARC Faculty Advisor Dr. Jay Garlitz, NWS-JAX WCM Angie Enyedi, NWS-JAX Lead WCM Al Sandrik, NWS-JAX Lead Meteorologist Steve Letro, Emergency Manager David Donnelly, Ret. Emergency Manager Chief William May, GPD Detective Joseph Mayo, UPD Detective Michael Metz, ACSO Deputy John Moorhouse, GARS/GARC officer Jeffrey Donald Capehart W4UFL, GARS/GARC officer Susan Ann Tipton K9PDL, Frederick Scott West KG4VWD, Jay Leiberman KD4FER, Philip Spoffard Royce KE4PWE, Melissa Shires Royce KE4WBQ, or anyone ELSE who thinks that I've harmed THEM for all of the cruel things I can PROVE that they did...will be looked at with any serious credibility or consideration by any judge once that judge sees the incredible EXTENT that people with hate WENT to in order to bring someone harm. ...ESPECIALLY without being given any right to be heard or to defend myself. No. I don't worry about it. Not at all. That's actually what I BE in a courtroom...with ANY of these people...having it all handled publicly, fairly, in the venue where it actually BELONGS. So yes. Let's ALL get together in a courtoom and have a NICE little "pow-wow". (sigh)

Sorry. I got off track again, there. (sigh)

Meanwhile, innocent spotters across this county are being punished for the acts of a few very stupid, childish, and selfish hams who wanted power, and glory, and attention for themselves, and who caused so much trouble to get it. Spotter classes in Alachua County have been cancelled and put off for the past three years plus now, because NWS empolyees, realizing what they had done, are now too afraid to come down here and face everyone, and are afraid of having to answer for what they did. It's not fair. *I* certainly didn't deserve all that happened to me. But the local citizens who were not involved in any of this bullshit in any way...they CERTAINLY didn't deserve this especially, and it's not fair to withhold training from them, OR to force them to have to go through background security checks, and to have to have "clearance" to access a building where a spotter training class is being held, or to have to learn EMRISS-this and EMCOMM-that training, or to become trained in Incident Command Operations, or to have to be able to drag a 300-pound dummy 100-feet....just to become a storm spotter - someone who is only supposed to look up, and pick up a cellphone. That's just utter ridiculousness. It's inexplicable. It's not in the NWS requirements to be a storm spotter, not in any NWS SOP. And it's not fair to also force them the drive all the way to Duval County, just to GET that training.

...And handing the spotter program over to local emergency management didn't do a whole hell of a lotta good, either...because all that did was give the power straight back TO the very people who were CAUSING the problem . Who do you think EM handed that program TO??? That's right...the HAM RADIO OPERRATORS! ...The very same hams who had engaged in all the stalking and harassment and problems in the first place.

(sigh, pause)

During a previous spotter training class, there was one other odd thing that happened that I just HAVE to mention something about. It had to do with a spotter by the name of Charles Sacco. It was completely and totally innocent. Or it SHOULD have been. It SHOULD have been nothing. But it obviously was something that bothered Jeff very greatly...

During that class, Charles approached me and asked for my autograph. In the ten years previous of holding spotter training classes, NO ONE had ever asked me for my autograph. It kinda took me aback, at first. I didn’t know what to do. It felt kind of weird. I never, ever considered myself as anyone famous or even worthy of much attention, much less an autograph. I didn’t think myself worthy of anyone’s hero status, certainly. Really, I was just some stupid, insignificant nobody, who was just like everyone else. All I basically did was introduce someone else with a degree who actually GAVE the spotter training class, or a weather- or safety-related presentation. I REALLY didn’t think that I deserved THAT kind of elevation. So I hesitated for a second when he asked me for it. I remember that. But at the same time, something else was also going through my mind in that same moment. It was a kind of fear. It was...hesitance. It was...wariness. For a split second, I worried what this might make OTHER people think. What would Scott think? ...or Jay? ...or any of the other weird people who had been stalking me think? What would they DO? SHOULD I sign this? Or should I just wave it off and walk away and hope nobody saw it happen? I wasn’t feeling pride, or ego, or anything LIKE that. I was feeling awkward, to be quite honest. ...I felt kinda weirded, because it wasn't..."normal". But if I refused, I might also make Charles feel insulted, or like I didn't like him. And that wasn't the case at all. All of this was going through my mind in the span of "splits" between the seconds. I hesitated for a total of maybe a couple of seconds, and then before my facial expression could become noticed, I caught my open mouth, closed it, smiled, and said "Sure", and signed Charles’s paper. But now I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd just walked away. I wish that it had never happened. Because...

...THEN I noticed Jeff’s crooked, almost cynical smile. He had been watching the whole thing. His look made me feel unusually uncomfortable and unnerved. It was like a crook who had just caught you stealing a cookie from the cookie jar or something. It was kind of a...a...almost a sadistic kind of smile. I don’t think HE even realized that he was making it. I didn’t like it. It didn't seem like a normal "human" kind of smile. There was something very "wrong" with it. It made me kind of nervous. It was the face that a stalker who was about to pounce on his prey or something might make.

As people were leaving after the class, Jeff approached me. He told me how he noticed how Charles had asked for my autograph. I was like "Eh, it wasn’t any big deal. I just signed it." I told him how I felt kinda weirded by it; how it had never happended before. I told hiim how I realized that Charles just really liked the spotter program and I was a leader in the organization and he just admired the leader. Then he said, "OH! *I* see! I think I *understand* you, now." There was a scary pause in me - something in the WAY that that man said it. It sent CHILLS up my spine. It bothered me. It was some "switch" had clicked in him or something. I didn’t know why, but something instinctive inside me made me feel very extremely uncomfortable. ...Like some "program" had been activated inside a sleeper and it was very dark. I felt the whole "friendship" between us? it might have been a ruse. ...Like he wasn’t really after my friendship all this time, but something else., all these years, he was..."STUDYING" me all of this time. I suddenly got this feeling like I had just been some sort of..."experiment", and now he had gathered all of the information that he needed and he was now ready to move on to the next "level". But...what "level?" NOW what was I in for? When he said that, I stopped immediately, my mouth slightly agape. I remember realizing that. Something inside me told me that I was in some sort of trouble. I got very scared. It's hard to explain it...the kind of feeling that I felt, that is. It was "dark". It was a very weird experience. In that moment, I suddenly started to see Jeff in a very different, darker light. Over the next few days, I began to go over everything that happened between us in the past. I began to realize...Jeff always criticized. He always put me down. He always made fun of me. He talked about me behind his back. ...Both he and his wife, really. He was always getting in the way of something I was doing, or trying to sabotage projects, or the way that people saw me. Everything with us was always me trying to do something important to help people, and Jeff making light of it, putting it down, and doing things to embarrass and humiliate me, or to make my projects and ideas seem stupid and inconsequential to others. In the past, he’d work with me on ideas, and then when we’d go before the club or other people to try to glean support for it, HE’D STOMP ON IT AND PUT IT DOWN!!!...making everyone think it wasn’t worth supporting! I was beginning to realize...this...this was not a friendship. What it WAS was an abusive relationship. And as I repeated what Jeff said in my mind – "I think I’ve finally figured you out, now!" – I finallly began to realize that I was being played like a fiddle. I wasn’t a "friend". I wasn’t a human being. I was a toy. I was a lab rat. He’s been using me to try to figure out humans in general, because he didn’t feel emotions or understand them, and to him they were a foreign concept and he needed a FEELING subject to manipulate and experiment with in order to try to figure us all out.

Flash forward again...

After what he had done to me with Angie, I cut off the friendship, right there. That was it. That was the last straw. I’d had it. He was history. I gave the man so many chances, before, and I was STUPID to do that. I'm TOO damned kind to people and I need to stop it. I'm not doing it anymore. I told him that his Assistant Coordinator status was revoked, that he was no longer to call me, email me, talk to me, or in any other way to contact me. He was not to talk ABOUT me to others, OR about Alachua County SKYWARN. I told him that if he contacted me again, or if I found out that he was talking about me and working people up and causing difficulty for me after I'd told him to STOP doing that, then I would call the police and charge him with stalking and harassment. I was done with this asshole.

But (sigh), with Jeff, an ultimatum always has a "time limit". It’s not really seriously meant. Everything is dream-world haziness to him. "I’ll just wait a couple of weeks and get back with him, because after all, he’s just blowing off steam and I’ll just wait until he’s calmed down." I’ve never been able to give Jeff an ultimatum and have him take it seriously. I've never truly been able to make the man stop doing anything I didn't want him to do - including working low lifes like Scott, Jay and the Royces up. He is obsessive compulsively fixated on following me, my life, the things I’m doing, throwing obstacles in my path, and watching what happens and laughing. He is mentally UNABLE to put me down. He CANNOT do it. So with Jeff, a week later, or two weeks later, or maybe three, maybe a month, or maybe two months later...he’d always make attempt to contact me again; to come back into my life. After which, I’d again reissue the threat to call the police. He just COULD NOT UNDERSTAND. I COULDN’T make him go away. What you have to do is ignore him, not respond at ALL. After a while, he gives up. But even then, not forever. He just tries again some time later. ...And you continue to ignore him.

I began to realize that with Jeff, you really DO have to show some real consequences, or he just doesn’t take you seriously. But then, I’m not an asshole, either. Calling the police is not something normal for me. It's a foreign concept. I just don’t DO things like that. I told myself I never WOULD...EVER...not in my lifetime. But between Jeff, Susan, Scott, Jay, Phil, and was becoming apparent that these people were not normal, that abnormal people really DO exist, and that there are some people that you just CANNOT avoid having to take serious consequences upon. (sigh) Do you know how SCARY it is to have to DEAL with people like this??? They weren’t going to just "go away" by me leaving them alone, or by my staying out of the limelight, or "keeping my mouth shut" as Frederick Scott West once put it to me. THESE people...couldn’t put me down. They had an obsessive compulsive addiction. It wasn't normal. It was just too much FUN to bother me. And so, if I went into hiding, they’d just get WORSE. They'd hunt me down, seek me out, do things to taunt me, to bother me. Months later, I'd get a harassing call with someone playing a recording of a harassing song, or something like that. If I went to the police, they just had contacts within the agency and they’d just convince the cops that *I* was the lunatic, not they; and that I shouldn’t be taken seriously. ...And it worked.

Then Jeff hacked into the AC-EMWIN system in February of 2009, and I *caught* him. That was it. That was enough. I’d had it. Early the next morning, I *actually* called the cops. I really filed a report with UPD. And for the first time, Jeff SAW that I’d actually called the police on him. You all know the outcome from the previous blogs. But at least, Jeff finally stopped contacting me directly at least. Unfortunately it took having to call the COPS for him to realize that I was serious.

But there you go. Here we are now some five-plus years later, and I am STILL being haunted and affected by these people. Jeff especially.

All of this trouble...because some hams LIED about someone.

Sometimes a lie...gets the whole world in trouble.

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